Alen Lapierre specializes in one of a kind gemstone rings, handcrafted in fine gold and sterling.

An Istanbul native with Armenian roots, Alen has been handcrafting jewelry for over twenty years, making unique pieces in platinum and gold with precious gemstones for some of the world's best-known luxury jewelry companies. In 2012, he phased out doing contract work for large jewelry companies and began to enjoy making rings of his own design in his workshop. These gemstone rings in sterling and gold are now his sole focus of work and creative energy. Every ring is individually made by Alen, and its unique design is built around the gemstone it houses. He hand-picks the gemstones he uses, such as beautifully-colored milky aquamarines, faceted green amethysts, or glowing prehnite cabochons, or more earthy ones like rutilated quartz. The resulting rings show the combination of his artistic, creative freedom in designing them and his mastery of jewelry-making from his 20+ years at the bench. For any inquiries, please visit the contact page.