Alen Lapierre handmakes rings in sterling silver and gold with gemstones in his NYC workshop. The center stones are semi-precious, and accent stones are rubies, diamonds, and various colors of sapphires. Alen chooses his gemstones from select gem dealers who work with Brazilian mines, so the provenance of each center stone is known. The translucent gemstones cast a mesmerizing glow of color on the textured gold or silver lining beneath. Alen begins to carve every ring from wax with the gemstone on top, letting the gem prompt the final shape of the sterling below it. He finishes each ring himself - alloying gold, making and soldering the bezels, and setting every stone. Each ring is unique and one of a kind. Available at Works Gallery, NYC, Crafts at Lincoln Center, Crafts at Lyndhurst, and at the Roslyn Museum Craft Show - please email for details.